Playing with Language Makes Better Readers!

Let’s create some fun alliterative sentences! As in, sentences that emphasize the same starting consonant sound, and also sound a little silly. And perhaps feature lots of cool animals, such as “cool cats in my cereal and cougars who can cook.”That’s what I did in my song “Chimmy Cha-Cha,” from my 3rd recording, “Once Upon a Tune.”

I’ve included the lyrics below! You can download the song from Songs for Teaching or simply listen to it on YouTube.

Children love learning through play, and playing with language is a great way to reinforce learning about letter sounds, while also building vocabulary. The language of the song should be entertaining for kids and might also encourage them to come up with their own silly alliterative sentences!

Chimmy Cha-Cha

© 2012 By Liz Buchanan

Fun words with all the consonants, in order!




There are busy buzzing bumble bees everywhere I look,

Cool cats in my cereal, cougars who can cook.

Daffy dogs and dinosaurs dwell upon my shelf,

And famous frogs are fabulous, if I say so myself.


I find I’m often gaping at gorillas with a grin,

And hooray for happy hippos who are helping out a hen.

I see the jolly jaguars have been juggling for awhile

And koalas meet the kangaroos in the best “Down-under” style!


(chorus) Give me a chimmy cha cha cha, and a whoop and a tee hee hee!

I say here’s looking at you, just keep talking to me.

New words can make us happy, and I hope we’re all agreed

We can have a lot of fun when we’re learning how to read!


Oh, look out as the lizards and the lions and the lynx

Give mulberries to the mules, mangoes to the minks.

If nightingales can navigate to the North Pole and back,

Then poodles wearing pompadours will quickly say quack quack!


And the robins and the rhinos will go rambling ‘round the town

While the slippery, slithering snakes sure know how to get down.

I don’t know if they get tickled when my trumpet tootle toots

Or if the vultures vanish when I wear my velvet boots!




Oh can you see the warbler wobble with the wallabee

While my xylophone plays excellently up in yonder tree?

When yaks and stacks of yo-yos go spin a rockin’ tune

Then zebras in the zoo will zoom off to the moon!





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