Rock that Pumpkin!

How about a few rockin’ pumpkins?

On October 12-14, some children’s musicians enjoyed a great weekend in Huron, Ohio, at The Children’s Music Network’s annual conference. The conference always happens in the fall, which means we get a fine selection of everyone’s Halloween songs. Today, I present a perennial favorite of my own, “Rockin’ Pumpkin,” sung to the tune of “Rockin’ Robin.”  The verses have a lot of lyrics, but you can usually get the children singing on the chorus. I also like to cue the children to say “Trick or Treat” when I hold up one finger, “Boo!” when I hold up two fingers, and “No, no, no” when I hold up three fingers. This takes a little practice, but you can have the children fill in the words when you come to that point in the song.

Lyrics ©2006 by Liz Buchanan

(Vs. 1)He sits on the front porch all night long

Glowing with a candle and singing his song

All the little children walking down the street

See the pumpkin when they say, “Trick or Treat!”

Rockin’ pumpkin oo-oo-ah-oo

Rockin’ pumpkin oo-oo-ah-oo

Go rockin’ pumpkin, you’re really gonna rock tonight.


(Vs. 2) There’s a guy all in white, lookin’ spooky, too.

If you’re not careful, he’ll say, “Boo!”

He hangs out where the goblins go

But we won’t let him scare us, no, no, no!

Rockin’ ghostie oo-oo-ah-oo

Rockin’ ghostie oo-oo-ah-oo

Go rockin’ ghostie, you’re really gonna rock tonight.


(Bridge) The pretty little witches and the fairies, too

Are out trick or treating with me and you

We’ll get lots of candy and have some fun

Now time to go home, but don’t you run!

‘Cause there’s that pumpkin…

(Back to start and repeat Vs. 1)

I also had the privilege this past weekend to attend a workshop by Susan Salidor, a children’s singer from Chicago. Be sure to subscribe to her on Youtube if you have not already! She shared many Halloween songs, including “It’s Not Real,” a song that reminds children that the scary things they see at Halloween time are almost always imaginary.

Susan also shared a simple song that invites the children to say “Boo!” to the scary jack-o-lantern. Here’s a link to that one.

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  1. So fun Liz! Love it.

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