Halloween Rhyme Time!

Enjoy the spooky season with some Halloween rhymes!

Happy October! I’m dedicating some blog space to offering my favorite October songs this month. It’s fun to sing about fall, but really, Halloween songs just can’t be beat for all-around spooky fun. I recommend my Halloween Rhymes song for rhyming-word learning and howling all month long.

You can download this song at Songs for Teaching, as part of my collection, “Songs for Rhyming and Reading,” especially intended for helping children develop phonological awareness through music. You can also watch a video of the song on my YouTube Channel!

Here are the lyrics:


Halloween rhymes, Halloween rhymes! Are you ready for a really spooky time?

Sing these words for Halloween, and don’t forget to howl in between. Aooo!


There’s a ghostly sheet saying, “Trick or treat,”

And a vampire lighting a fire.

A greenish ghoul was in my school

flashing lights in the middle of the night!  Aooo! Chorus


There’s a mean old witch, scratching an itch.

And a bumpkin carving a pumpkin.

Eating some toast is a scary ghost

And a spider drinking apple cider.  Aooo! Chorus


There’s a big black cat wearing a hat

And a goon beneath the full moon

And I think I saw a goblin, wibblin’ and wobblin’

But who’s that creature eating my teacher? Aooo!  Chorus


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