Halloween Rhymes – Aaa-ooo!

Spooky pumpkins on Boston's Beacon Hill, a scary-fun destination on Halloween!

Spooky pumpkins on Boston’s Beacon Hill, a scary-fun destination on Halloween!

I’m currently having fun singing songs that require children to guess a rhyming word at the end of a line, such as my version of “Hey, Dr. Knickerbocker” and Icky Sticky & Ooey Gooey. For Halloween, I suggest making as many scary-creature rhymes as possible in order to keep from being frightened by all those goblins and ghouls.

Below are the lyrics to my new “Halloween Rhymes” song, complete with a Garage Band recording that features some ambient howling. Howling is just a blast! You can hear my recording here.




Halloween Rhymes

(c) 2014 By Liz Buchanan

Chorus: Halloween rhymes, Halloween rhymes!

Are you ready for a really spooky time?

Sing these words for Halloween,

And don’t forget to howl in between. Aaa-ooo!


There’s a ghostly sheet saying “trick or treat,”

And a vampire lighting a fire.

A greenish ghoul was in my school

Flashing lights in the middle of the night!  Aaa-ooo!


There’s a mean old witch, scratching an itch.

And a bumpkin carving a pumpkin.

And scary ghost eating some toast.

And a spider drinking apple cider.  Aaa-ooo!


There’s a big black cat wearing a hat

And a goon beneath the full moon

And I think I saw a goblin, wibblin’ and wobblin’

But who’s that creature eating my teacher? Aaa-ooo!



  1. I LOVE this!!! I’ll use it tomorrow with a preschool I visit! Did you just write this?

  2. Loved your rhyming words! Great fun for kids! Janet

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