Have a Rockin’ Halloween!

Have fun carving a rockin' pumpkin, and singing about it, too!

Have fun carving a rockin’ pumpkin, and singing about it, too!

The song below is a perennial Halloween favorite for me, based one of my favorite oldies, “Rockin’ Robin.” When I sing it, I ask the audience to join in right away on several important lyrics. I tell them in advance: I’ll hold up one finger for people to say “Trick or Treat” (at the end of the first verse), two fingers for “Boo” (in the middle of the ghost verse) and three fingers for “No, no, no” (at the end of the ghost verse). I make them rehearse! Audience involvement always makes a song more fun. Enjoy singing this song with kids you know, and have a great Halloween!




Rockin’ Pumpkin

Tune: Rockin’ Robin

Lyrics ©2006 by Liz Buchanan

(Vs. 1)He sits on the front porch all night long

Glowing with a candle and singing his song

All the little children walking down the street

See the pumpkin when they say, “Trick or Treat!”

Rockin’ pumpkin oo-oo-ah-oo

Rockin’ pumpkin oo-oo-ah-oo

Go rockin’ pumpkin, you’re really gonna rock tonight.


(Vs. 2) There’s a guy all in white, lookin’ spooky, too.

If you’re not careful, he’ll say, “Boo!”

He hangs out where the goblins go

But we won’t let him scare us, no, no, no!

Rockin’ ghostie oo-oo-ah-oo

Rockin’ ghostie oo-oo-ah-oo

Go rockin’ ghostie, you’re really gonna rock tonight.


(Bridge) The pretty little witches and the fairies, too

Are out trick or treating with me and you

We’ll get lots of candy and have some fun

Now time to go home, but don’t you run!

‘Cause there’s that pumpkin…

(Back to start and repeat Vs. 1)

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