Musical Fun with Two Robins

 This post recaps earlier posts from this blog about the “Two Little Robins” song and offers some stick-puppet materials!

I never tire of singing my version of “Two Little Blackbirds,” which I’ve changed to “Two Little Robins.” You can find a video of my presentation of this song here.

My version of the song helps young children become familiar with different starting consonant sounds. I recommend adding even more creatures to the song. Here are some of the verses I’ve used over the years, mainly with birds and fish, but you could easily add other animals.

Two little penguins out in the snow,

One named Peg and one named Poe.

Waddle off … (or swim away)

Two little hummingbirds down in the valley

One named Hettie and one named Halley

Hum away …

Two little Whippoorwills call in the night

One named Will and one named White

(Do whippoorwill call …)

Two little cardinals sitting on a pole

One named Cam and one named Cole

Fly away …

Two little mockingbirds, singing in the spring

One named Meg, one named Ming.

Mock away Meg … (Have mockingbirds mock other people’s songs)

Two toucans with a great big bill

One named Ted and one named Till

Fly away …

Two little jellyfish, swimming down below

One named Jane and one named Joe

Float away…

Two little ducks, swimming on the pond

One named Deb and one named Don

Swim away …

Two little eels, swimming by the reef

One named Ed, one named Eve

Slink away ….

Two big whales, lunching on some krill

One named Wes and one named Will

Swim away….

Two little goldfinches, sitting on the rail,

One named Gibb and one named Gail.

Fly away …

I will soon post another video about my own recent bird-watching, including the verses about the goldfinches and ducks that I’ve recently seen in my world in Vermont, where I’m currently staying. Stay tuned for a link!

You can use these pictures to create a stick-puppet show using pencils, popsicle sticks or any similar object you might have in your house.

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