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During the COVID19 pandemic, Miss Liz’s music classes have moved online. You can see the fourth “Musical Fun with Miss Liz” at this link. It features several songs from her 2010 CD, Singing All the Way Home.

I hope someone’s reading these posts! If you are a parent or teacher and have had a chance to see this blog, give me a shout-out. Send a photo or video. (I’m sending the one you see here from the desk where I do my work these days. Just pretend you don’t see my gray roots!) Like many people, I feel a bit starved for contact with the people I usually see during the course of a regular week, especially the children.

If you’re a parent reading this, I hope you have had some fun just sharing the everyday life of being home with your children. I know it can be pretty tough at times, especially if you are trying to do that other job (the one where you might still make money) while also making sure your children stay fed and have fun and do interesting things and aren’t just watching Frozen for the thousandth time.

I’ve tried to offer some ideas in my last few blog posts about how to expand on the musical content and create some of your own fun with the children. Maybe you could act out the Three Little Pigs! (The song is in this week’s Musical Fun video.) When my older daughter was little, she used to have a blast acting out Cinderella with her dad as the prince. I think my sister and I got to be the ugly step-folks.

I also offer some fun stick puppet activities using birds and bunnies. You can see my past efforts to create video puppet shows here:

Two Little Ducks – A short video I just did last week about ducks on the pond at the house where I am staying in Vermont. It features a tiny puppet show at the end.

Rockin’ in the Rabbit Hole – A perennial favorite of mine around Easter time. I got those peeps moving in time to my recording of Guitar Bob Messano’s song.

Whatever you’re doing, just give your children permission to explore and create their own worlds. This time could be a gift, where kids can be extra creative and follow their own paths a bit. I hope that schools are not riding herd too hard on families with young children to get them to learn the expected content for this part of the school year. In the older grades, this might work better, but children aged 2-8 are entitled to have a little more leniency. Just my opinion!

If the children in your neck of the woods want to practice words in other languages, I’ve put the lyrics to my international “Hello” song below. Perhaps you could choose one of the countries to explore further on the Internet. Go in with some questions that interest you. What’s the favorite food in this country? What do children most enjoy doing after school? What are some of their favorite songs and stories?

And if you try any of these activities, let me know how it goes! Send photos!

Ni hao, Jambo, Hola

Adapted from a song I wrote with kindergarteners at the Gardner Pilot Academy, Allston, MA, 2008
Ni hao, Jambo, Hola, Bonjour, Sorida
Namaste, Shalom, Ciao, Konichiwa.
Come along with me
Welcome to our family
It’s nice to meet you
Come and sing with me!
Ni hao, Jambo, Hola, Bonjour, Sorida
A Salaam a’leikum, Oi, Konichiwa
We speak many languages
We come from many lands
If we sing together
Then we can be friends!
Ni hao, Moyo, Hola, Ahoj, Aloha
Privet, Sawubona, Yia sas, Namaskara
Ni hao, Jambo, Hola, Bonjour, Sorida
Namaste, Shalom, Oi, Konichiwa

Here’s how to say “Hello” in lots of languages:
Ni hao – Mandarin Chinese
Jambo – Swahili
Hola – Spanish
Bonjour – French, Haitian Creole
Sorida – Shona (Zimbabwe)
Namaste – Hindi (pronounced nama- stay)
Shalom – Hebrew
Ciao – Italian
Konnichiwa – Japanese
A Salaam a’leikum – Arabic, Persian
Oi – Portuguese
Ahoj – Czech (pronounced Ahoy)
Moyo – Tshiluba (Congo)
Privet – Russian (pronounced pree-vyet)
Sawubona – Zulu
Yia sas – Greek (pronounced yah-sass)
Namaskara – Kannada (India – state of Karnataka)
A fun book about saying hello in many languages is Manya Stojic’s Hello World!: Greetings in 42 Languages Around the Globe! Scholastic, 2002.

You can find this song and other songs on this CD at the Songs for Teaching website or on Amazon and other online retailers.

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