A Spring Song About Seeds

SeedCover2What could I become? I’m just a little seed…

Last spring, I started singing a brand new song about seeds on the way to a school where I work. I arrived and wrote the whole thing down in the parking lot. Yep, it’s one of those “organic” tunes that just happens before you know it! The song’s refrain is: “I’ve got potential! I’m a little seed.” The refrain repeats, encouraging participants to sing it back, call-and-response style.

Seeds, of course, are not the only things with potential. This song invites discussion with children about the meaning of “potential,” as well as the life cycle and the characteristics all living things share. You can also encourage children to rewrite the song by adding their favorite flowers, plants and trees.

This is a great song to pair with a book. There are many, but the first ones that come to mind for me are Lois Ehlert’s Growing Vegetable Soup and Planting a Rainbow, or Eric Carle’s The Tiny Seed.

There are also many songs you could pair with this one. I’m inviting my friends at The Children’s Music Network (and anyone else) to share their song and book suggestions in the ‘Comments’ area. I have two recommendations of my own. One is a song I sing all the time and have mentioned on this blog before, Nancy Hershatter’s “Once I Was a Seed.”

I’m also impressed by Pam Donkin’s “Planting Seeds of Love.” She has a new web page entirely devoted to ideas and activities related to this song. Check it out at http://www.plantingseedsoflove.com/

Please enjoy and share this new video with art I created especially for this song:


At my page on the Songs for Teaching website, you can find the complete song lyrics and a download.

I hope you enjoy watching, listening, singing and sharing this song!


  1. Love the song – love the video. Congrats on doing it yourself – it’s really engaging, Liz!

  2. I LOVE your song, Liz! Potential is such a great word to add to their vocabulary, and seeds are a wonderful example. Catchy easy-to-sing tune, too. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. I forgot to add that Jan Harmon’s round, “Two Seeds ” from her book “Two Seeds” is another great connection.

    Two seeds sleeping underneath the snow.
    Two seeds sleeping, how are they to know
    When the summer comes
    How differently they’ll grow!

  4. Another great post, Liz. Love the song and art work. I’d love to know the processes you used to create it – not the youtube, the images. The seed images were especially gorgeous. You’re growing in every way – and flowering beautifully!

    • Thank you for the nice comments, Brigid! I used a simple program called JobsPainter, which I downloaded for $5.99. It reminded me of the art programs my kids had on our PC back a decade ago.

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