Bunnies, Duckies & Springtime Fun


‘Tis the season for Peeps!

Even though I’ve always thought the Easter Bunny was kind of a silly concept, bunnies are a perfect topic for spring music time.

I like acquainting children with Beatrix Potter and the story of Peter Rabbit. A fair number of kids seem to have seen a video of Peter, but fewer have seen the actual book with the lovely illustrations. I bring in the little book to show everyone, then I often tell the story with Peter Rabbit finger puppets that I purchased on Etsy.

The traditional “John the Rabbit” song can easily be turned into “Peter Rabbit” and fits perfectly with the story. You can talk about how this song is from the point of view of Mr. McGregor, and he’s pretty mad at Peter! I play a drum and the kids shake shaker eggs (in bright spring colors). We sing it call-and-response style. You can find it on my CD, Once Upon a Tune.

While you’re there, be sure to avail yourself of “Rockin’ in the Rabbit Hole,” a longtime fave of the kids in my music groups. It was written by “Guitar Bob” Messano. Check out his music sometime – he’s written a lot of fun songs for dancing and movement. With this song, the children dance all around like bunnies until the “farmer” shows up – then they get down on the floor and “hide.” For some reason, this is children’s very favorite activity.

Please watch my home-grown peeps video by clicking right here: Peeps video of “Rockin’ in the Rabbit Hole.”  Making it was truly low-tech fun, followed by extremely sticky hands.

Photo on 11-2-14 at 2.54 PMIf you want to add another springtime creature to the mix, how about some ducks? I got inspired by the music/math lessons that Pittsburgh music specialist Margaret Hooton has created using duck songs and rubber duckies. I recently got some rubber duckies myself, and they’ve made quite a splash! I like singing Raffi’s “Six Little Ducks” or Ellen & Peter Allard’s “Here Comes Mama Duck.” This song is on Volume 3 of their highly useful series, Sing It! Say It! Stamp It! Sway It!

Finally, speaking of splashes, I recommend my puddle song, “Deepest Puddle in Town.” We have a few million of those where I live in MA, as our record snowfall turns to mush and then water, water everywhere. Deepest Puddle is a really fun movement song, with jumping, swimming and flying. And then you can add a quick word about where the puddles go when the sun comes out – evaporation! Science!

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  1. How about sticking your fingers in some Peeps for finger puppets? Ahhhhh HAAAAAHHHH! Then you can eat them after class!

    Great blog as ALWAYS, Liz!

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