Songs for November Feasting

turkey210114It’s November! Time to sing about turkey and more. Today, I feature a few songs that I’ve learned from my colleagues. The first is an all-time fave by my Chicago-based pal, “Miss Carole” Stephens. It’s a turkey dance that kids and teachers love. Some love it so much they ask to sing it all year.

Just this year, I discovered a fun finger play by my friend Susan Salidor, also from Chicago. Susan has also taken the point of view of the poor turkeys.

If, after singing these songs, the kids decide they want to save the lives of turkeys, you might consider this simple and fun song about ravioli highlighted on Stacia Cumberland’s blog recently.

Of course, every time of year is a good time for one of my own songs about food: The Hand Clapping Rap. It features syllable clapping with 24 different food words! You can also check out my earlier post about my alliterative version of Today is Monday.  It features a new food for each day of the week, with turkey on Thursday, of course.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Liz! Joining “The Turkey Hop” in the fun-songs-to-sing-this-time-of-year is “Thanksgiving Dinner” on my new release, “Polka Dots!” It should be up on any day now! Gobble Gobble!

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